Eldergladeโ€™s native token $ELDE is an ERC20-compliant cryptographic token that can be traded on the Ethereum blockchain just like Ethereum. It is both an Elderglade platform currency and an independent store of value.

Using native tokens for in-game transactions allows us to lower costs on transaction fees, keeping them at the bare minimum.

Token Utility

$ELDE plays a pivotal role in the game's economy, serving as the currency for various transactions and activities.

Engaging in encounters requires a specific number of tokens, which players can collect from different locations on the map within the wilderness, as these tokens are randomly scattered and available for heroes to pick up.

Our goal is to create a sustainable token ecosystem where native token $ELDE is backed by the utility behind it. Integration within the game:

  • Players use tokens to gain entry into wilderness, and forests, or engage in various encounters.

  • While exploring the wilderness, players have the chance to discover tokens, potentially recovering more than they initially spent to enter.

  • Wilderness owners retain any tokens left unclaimed after an encounter, albeit a system fee is deducted.

  • In towns, $ELDE tokens are essential for players to heal their characters, purchase and ensure their equipment, and other necessities.

  • Players can trade their champions, equipment and other items for the native token within the in-game marketplace among each other

  • Owners of tavern NFTs keep a percentage of $ELDE tokens earned from character recruitment (minting).

  • Players have the opportunity to stake their tokens on the platform, which allows them to enhance the owned establishmentsโ€™ (such as taverns, healing havens, and others) performance

  • Additionally, staking tokens allow players to earn special NFTs, that unlock the ability to recruit new heroes within the taverns, expanding their gameplay options and strategies.

This token-based economy fosters a dynamic and interactive environment, encouraging players to engage in various activities within the game's ecosystem for growth and advancement.

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