๐Ÿ’ธRevenue Stream

Our business and revenue model focuses on creating a sustainable, engaging, and lucrative ecosystem for players, developers, and traders. By leveraging AI and NFT technology, we're not just developing a game; we're pioneering a new form of interactive entertainment that blends traditional gaming with the latest in blockchain technology.

The in-game economy is powered by our native token $ELDE, which fuels transactions, rewards, and the game's unique ecosystem.

In-Game $ELDE Transactions

Players use native tokens to join the quests, facilitate in-game purchases, such as NFTs, use the services provided by various establishments, upgrade owned town infrastructure, and access exclusive content.

A transaction fee is applied to all in-game marketplace trades, contributing to revenue.

Premium Membership

Offers players additional benefits, such as reduced transaction fees, exclusive NFT drops, early access to new content, and enhanced earning potential.

Staking Rewards

Players can stake $ELDE tokens to earn rewards, including exclusive NFTs, in-game currency boosts, and voting rights for game development decisions.

Advertising and Partnerships

Collaborations with brands for exclusive NFT drops, in-game events, and sponsorships. Ad placements in non-intrusive areas of the game, enhancing the immersion while providing value to partners.


Sale of game-themed merchandise, including apparel, figurines, and digital art prints. Special edition NFTs that come with their physical counterparts.

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