Elderglade is an AI-driven & NFT-fueled fantasy game: turn-based battles, thrilling loot quests, and intense PvPvE action, all powered by $ELDE. Nostalgic 2D pixel-art adventure where animal heroes fight to protect their land.

In this enchanted realm, the wild thrives sovereign and untamed, a kingdom unto itself. As players, you inhabit the guise of beasts, each distinct in breed and prowess, and traverse diverse landscapes. From the quaint bustle of towns to the whispering depths of shadow-laced forests and wilderness, you venture forth. Your quest: to defend your dominion and vanquish any foe that dares to encroach upon your natural bastion.

Embodying animal avatars, champions of their species, you wield their innate strengths. The land is your charge, a realm rich with secrets and dangers, and your ultimate purpose is to preserve its sanctity against the tide of adversaries eager to topple your rule.

Turn-Based Strategy

Engage in a turn-based game where your and other players' controlled animal characters make strategic turn-based moves to win. It ensures cheating prevention and minimizes waiting time, allowing for a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Characters and Customization

Select your champion from various animal species, each with unique passive abilities and classes. As you gain experience and level up, customize your character's class-specific talent tree. Enhance its abilities with armor and weapons, whether crafted, purchased or found within the wilderness.

Exploration and Combat

Delve deep into the fantasy world: explore towns, forests, and AI-enhanced wilderness, molded from hexagon tiles, while battling NPC rivals and other players to defend your territory and reap the rewards.

Resource Management

Collect tokens and other loot throughout your adventure, use various crafting techniques and forge new in-game assets to enhance your character's equipment and abilities to ensure that you're prepared for the challenges lying ahead.

Protect and Conquer

The core objective of Elderglade is to safeguard your kingdom from invading forces and conquer enemies to maintain your reign over the wilderness of the fantasy realm.

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