๐ŸงšWhat makes us different

We're pioneering the ultimate WEB3 gaming experience and transcending GameFi to seamlessly unite traditional gaming with the WEB3 world.

Leveraging many years of experience in the space and actively building the most successful game in the category, we combined all of our know-how into a vastly different approach to the WEB3 Game development.


We're dedicated to creating a sustainable, player-oriented ecosystem through enjoyable gameplay mechanics that lays the foundation for long-term engagement. By ensuring the game is enjoyable first, we then integrate blockchain aspects, aligning with our vision for a sustainable, blockchain-oriented gaming experience that captivates players at every level.

Player-centered development

Our game's foundation is our community. We prioritize their feedback, support and reward their initiatives. By working closely with our player-base we ensure the game perfectly aligns with their expectations for a truly engaging and seamless experience.

Open to general public

To address the accessibility barriers in reaching mainstream audiences experienced by the majority of WEB3 games, we aim for simplicity in onboarding and navigation, with special focus on non-crypto users.

Ease of entry

In contrast to AAA titles requiring advanced hardware for an optimal experience, our games prioritize strategic depth over equipment, ensuring accessibility and success through skill, democratizing the gaming experience for all.

Gradual tokenization

We prioritize having the engaging game mechanics and strong loop economy prior to blockchain integration, to ensure that the game attracts players primarily for its gameplay, with blockchain elements to follow organically.

Fully multi-chain

Leveraging W3Forge's multi-chain protocol ensures vast exposure across blockchain networks, positioning us for broader reach and allowing us to dominate most, if not all, existing relevant chains.

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